Monday, November 20, 2006

The Field Trip to Washington, D.C.

In October, Nina and my class's members went to Washington, D.C. , but unfortunately I wasn't with them because I was sick. I had pain in my stomach and also I had headache.

Friday, November 10, 2006

A Guest Speaker in Our Class

Hi everyone

Yesterday, we had guests in our class: woman and her three children (two boys and a girl), who she homeschools. Her name is Michelle and she is from Taiwan. We spoke about homeschooling. At first, she spoke about her homeschooling experience; but unfortunately I wasn’t there in the beginning because I was in the health centre. However, I came when they started to ask her questions. She answered all the question she was asked. I asked her if universities accept homeschooled students and she answered me yes. Also, she told us about how the school day going.

In fact, I hadn’t like homeschooling idea before she came, but when I saw the children, who looked very smart, I liked it.
I think it was really funny.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

How I spent the Weekends of Oct. 7-8

Hello everyone.

On Saturday October 7th, I went to Silver Spring with four of my friends. We ate our breakfast in the Lebanese restaurant. After that, we watched a movie. The movie's title is "Employee of the Month", and it's a comedic movie and we really enjoyed it.

On Sunday October 8th, I broke my fast in Stamp Student Union with my friend at 7 o'clock. After that, we took a walk around the university. Then, we came back to the apartment by train. Finally, I had finished my homework before I went to sleep.

My American Experience

Hi everybody.

One month ago, I started studying at MEI. By time, I feel that I'm getting better in English in grammar, speaking and writing, but I think that I'm not good in lestining. I started to talk with people in English. I have done 4 drafts for a comparison paragraph and 4 drafts for a narrative compassion, and I think that I did well in them. I hope to get better and better in this semester.

My Speaking Partner

Hi everybody.

My speaking partner's name is Gena. I was supposed to meet her in September, 25th, but she didn't come because she wasn't free. After that, I tried to email her but I was given the wrong email, and so was she. Two weeks later, I got her email, and then I sent her an email to schedule our meeting, and we did. I will meet her next Tuesday in Stamp Student Union.

Monday, September 25, 2006

impression of my first week

Hi everybody

How are you all doing?

I want to talk about my first week at MEI. My first day at MEI was on Monday (September 18th). In my first day I was confused because I started late. I supposed to begin in September 6th but I had a problem in my visa. In the next day I was better than the day before. My confusion has gone. I made some friends; most of them are Arab men. Whatever I think it’s really enjoyable thing to study here.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Who i Am and Why I Am Here

I am Abdulaziz. I am 18 years old. I'm from Saudi Arabia. My family is a 7-person-family: my father, my mother, 2 brothers, 2 sisters and I. I finished high school and now I'm looking forward to finishing my education. I don't like talking about my talents or saying that I'm good or smart but I like when somebody tells me if I have talents or not. I am interested in football, swimming and the Internet. I don’t know if I’m special or not, but I have a really big ambition. I came to the United States for a better education. I hope to be a good electrical engineer in the future. I think that studying English at MEI will help me because it will be the beginning of achieving my dreams.